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Aquamac (2003-2005)
6th Conference on Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse for Sustainability

October 9-12, 2007-Antwerp, Belgium

Purpose and themes
Reclaimed water is of fundamental importance to our environment and economy. Planned, more direct use of reclaimed water contributes to an efficient and more reliable use of the water resources. It enables to reduce the impact of water shortage due to population growth or drought. At the same time it decreases the impact of human activities on the fresh water resources.

Conference purpose
Water reuse is no longer restricted to water scarce areas. In fact it is becoming an essential component to increase the water supply reliability, both in quantity and quality, and to comply to increasing environmental standards. Today, the framework of integrated water management offers unique opportunities for water reclamation and reuse to be implemented on a larger scale as a sustainable practice. Now is the time to consolidate and improve our methodologies and technologies in order to better recognize the benefits of reuse and to enhance the implementation of water reuse schemes.

This conference will provide an excellent environment to exchange experiences in water reuse from dry and wet climate areas, from industrialised and rural areas, from high and low income countries. Issues at the centre of debate will cover risk management, financing, water quality, use of high tech versus low tech, water reclamation in industry, sustainable irrigation practices using reclaimed water and water reclamation in urban water supply.

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